Who’s Running This Coop?


Photography by Calfa Photography

I’m Katie.  The mama hen in this family. A family with a disproportionate balance of testosterone thanks to a husband and little boy.

Back in the day, I wrote a blog called The Cheeky Bride.  Don’t ‘Google’ it.  It’s embarrassing. (I know you just ‘Googled’ it, jackass).

I just insulted you in the first few sentences of this introduction.  I hope you get a real sense for my charm (and my potty mouth).

After The Cheeky Bride, which documented much of my engagement, wedding planning and marriage to my husband, I had a baby and stopped writing.  Because babies can be buzzkills like that.  Four years later, though, that baby is now a little boy.  His name is Fox.  He’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in life, and you’ll hear about him a lot here.

And in order to leave you with a better impression than the rocky relationship I initiated with the name-calling, I thought I’d present some random facts.  So without further ado, a little more about your blogger:

I live in the Midwest.  A suburb of Milwaukee to be exact (but not too exact, because I’m not interested in you stalking me).  I’m a working mom with a 5-year plan that involves winning the lottery, and I’m actually really friendly, aside from what the snarky-ness above might have you believe.  I’m a self-proclaimed introvert-extrovert, which means I like to plan fun things and then think longingly about my butt groove in the couch when I’m out doing them.  I’m also a worrier.  It sucks.

I married my high school sweetheart, Tony.  Picture the straight-A-getting, rule-following good girl marrying the kid in detention.  I suppose that’s pretty typical of the ‘good girls,’ though.  If you look like you might have failed high school gym class, then I had my teenage eye on ya’ bad self.  He’s truly the most wonderful man on the planet.  I’m pretty sure he’s let me have the very last bite of every good dessert we’ve ever had.  And I mean, that’s really true love, ya’ know?

I went to college for English, which means I have no room in my life for math problems.  I don’t care how fast Train A is moving towards Train B before they meet because I’m more concerned about the fact nobody is worried about these locomotives crashing.  Why didn’t we hire more experienced conductors?

I think everybody looks better with a smile. (I’m looking at you Posh Spice.  You’re married to David Beckham, grrl. Crack a freakin’ smile about it).

Lastly, I try to approach life with a lot of humor.  It’s really the only thing that got me through Fox’s newborn stage.

Looking forward to setting out on this blogging journey version 2.0, and hope to hear from many of you along the way!

XO, Katie