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    It’s been a minute since I’ve checked in.  I took a little mental hiatus after the election because, well, woof.

    And that’s all I have to say about that. (Please tell me you read that in the Forrest Gump voice.)

    Enough with the snark. Prepare yourself for some feels. Read more

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    Coyotes and Little Kid Bar Brawls

    At this very moment, we are (im)patiently waiting in our household.  It just so happens to be T minus 10 minutes until our community’s Halloween trick-or-treating. 

    Fox is four this year and now fully grasps the concept of this holiday equating to a butt load of chocolate and candy and all the other vices that make up a small child’s biggest aspirations in life.  I had to remind him this morning about Halloween etiquette after he demonstrated his trick-or-treat tactic to me, which involved him mimicking his entire hand reaching toward the bottom of a candy bowl and picking up a fistful of candy “like a crane.”  I get that strong urge to covet candy, kid, but let’s not let on to the neighbors that we’re raising a greedy little sugar urchin, ok?  Help us save face here, and stick to one piece. Read more

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    Parenting the Sensitive Child

    The Giving Tree Book

    A good while ago, I decided to read Fox “The Giving Tree.”  That day, I was digging through a dusty box of old childhood books in the basement and came upon the timeless Shel Silverstein classic packed away amongst Berenstain Bears paperbacks and Golden Books.  Its paper cover was torn and it looked loved.  My happy memories of the book inspired me to select it from the pile. Read more

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    The Dreaded Plague

    I thought my first post out of the gate would be more of a “testing, testing, 1…2…3…” kind of post, but alas.  My life provides much better fodder, so instead I’m inviting you to dive in to the special kind of nightmare that has plagued our household for the last week.  The hateful stomach flu in all its barfy glory.  Welcome to my blog, folks.  Pull up a chair while I talk about our family’s intestinal status. Read more