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    Anxiety in the Spotlight of Motherhood

    Anxiety in the spotlight of motherhood

    I have anxiety.  It’s something that has been a fundamental part of my genetic code since I was a child.  In fact, I’m not sure I’d be the same “Katie” if I didn’t have it as it’s been woven into my personality and pretty much general state of mind for as far back as I can remember. Read more

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    50 Unique Easter Basket Ideas That Aren’t Candy

    50 Unique Easter Basket Ideas That Aren't Candy
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    If your wee ones are anything like my little homeslice, they’re feens for sugar.  And if your parenting style is anything like mine, you attempt to limit their chocolate and sugar intake by giving it sparingly.  You know, like for bribes to take their socks off after a 15 minute battle to get in the bathtub.  Or as rewards for getting you the remote control from the other side of the couch.  So, yeah.  Sparingly… ahem. Read more

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    A Montessori Bedroom Fit for a Fox

    Montessori Bedroom Ideas
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    A few weeks ago, I wrote a sappy post about leaving a job.  Next, I followed it with a totally rand-o story about bedbugs (if you’re still a dedicated reader, hi, kaycoolthanks for sticking around…).  And now, I’m going to hit you with the one-two punch – a peek into Fox’s Montessori bedroom. Ka-pow! Read more

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    The Trouble with Imaginary Bed Bugs

    The trouble with imaginary bed bugs

    I married the right man.  Know how I know?  Because of that one time I tore our house apart in search of bed bugs.

    My life.  It’s great.  And apparently filled with random and indiscriminate phobias.

    It all started around Memorial Day weekend this year.  We were taking a car trip to Ohio, and I was sitting those 8 hours in the backseat to keep Fox entertained.  I remember itching my knee a lot which wouldn’t normally be something people remember, but it bugged me.  Not to mention, I had on jeans so it drove me crazy that I couldn’t effectively scratch the source of annoyance. Read more

    Professional Life

    The Beginning of a New Adventure

    At the end of the road is the beginning of a new adventure...

    A quick Google search shows that the average person will hold 10 jobs before the age of 40. Apart from a quick jaunt in Florida when I worked slinging seafood at a restaurant on the docks for a year, this was my first job out of college. 11 years.

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    A Day in the Life of This Mama Hen

    A Day in the Life of Mama Hen | The Hen in the Fox House

    Woof.  I’m struggling with writer’s block lately.  ‘Tis the worst.

    So of course I turn to the one source of inspiration that has never let me down.  Pinterest.

    That’s a lie.  Pinterest has let me down numerous times.  Like the time I followed a cake recipe and literally added 2 pounds of powdered sugar to the frosting and made my entire extended family sick with diarrhea for days.  Pinterest, you suck actually, and you made me look like a real idiot who had no idea 2 pounds of powdered sugar was perhaps a bit much. Read more