Family Life

    The Art of Being Grandma

    My Grandma Chris passed away two weeks ago.

    She lived in Columbus, so last Tuesday I travelled to Ohio to attend her funeral. The grandkids were invited to share a few words at the service if we felt compelled.

    And because losing her feels like a gaping hole, I wanted desperately to say something, but felt like there’d be no way I could sum up how much she meant to me in a few words off the cuff. Read more


    10 Seconds

    car accident fate

    10 seconds. That’s how long it took me Tuesday morning to dig around my closet to find a pair of shoes I was considering wearing for the day. I decided they didn’t go with the outfit and threw them back.

    30 minutes later I was heading to work down one of those backcountry roads with a speed limit of 50 when a pick up truck didn’t see my smaller car and pulled out to cross the road. Read more

    Family Adventure Series

    Adventures (or Fox’s Insufferable Photo Ops) at Bookworm Gardens

    Bookworm Gardens

    Welcome to the first post of my Family Adventure Series.  My biggest dream in life, aside from winning a year’s supply of York Peppermint Patties and gaining nary a pound from said good fortune, is that I can one day quit the corporate gig, drive around the nation in an RV and visit every single crazy attraction offered.  Got a big ball of yarn in your state?  I want to see it.  Have a museum dedicated to potatoes?  Actually I hate potatoes, so I’d probably pass on that one, but you get the gist.  And since my lifelong goal of taking off all Kerouac-beatnik-style is probably not happening anytime soon, I’m settling for some more local flavor to fill spare weekends.  Most likely with child in tow.  So enjoy our first adventure to Bookworm Gardens below. Read more

    Fox My Funny Life

    Mama Yuck and Her Little Sickling

    Mama Yuck and her Little Sickling

    This year’s cold and flu season has walloped our family.  My ass is officially kicked, and I’m waving the white flag to the Lords of Snot.  Please.  Stop with the snot.

    I joked with a coworker last night that after a fourth visit to the walk-in clinic we should receive a punch card. Five stamps and you get free blood work. Read more

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    Why Parents Suck at Hygge

    Why Parents Suck at Hygge

    Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the new Danish craze sweeping America – hygge. I can only imagine how many eye rolls have come out of the entire country of Denmark so far in 2017.

    Oh, America. As a nation whose interest is as fleeting as a trending hashtag on Twitter, we’ve also proven that we manage to take things to the umpteenth extreme, which means I can’t skim Pinterest or scroll through Facebook without an article about hygge accompanied by an iStock image of a lone candle and some slippers. Read more

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    Mom Guilt and the Muddy Puddles of Life

    Mom Guilt and the Muddy Puddles of Life

    Fox is a model child.

    And before you want to deck me for being that parent who talks about her pre-shuz little bebe like he should win all the golden participation awards in the world, hear me out.

    He is a genuinely sweet little dude.  Strangers at the post office comment on how well-behaved he is.  His teachers laugh when I ask if he “was good” during the day.  He’s a rule-follower by nature. Read more