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  • MEWDS - Multiple Evanescent White Dot Syndrome
    Family Life My Funny Life

    Don’t Fail Me Now, Eyeballs!

    So. Funny story.

    And you know it’s a funny story, when I start out like that, right?

    This tale needs the slightest of backstories, so I’ll begin by saying I just started at another new job. It’s a long story since I wrote this post about leaving my original job and starting at a new place.  And now I’ve left that “new place” after 8 months. Let’s just say very simply that what I thought was originally a good opportunity ended up being the wrong path for me.  However, I’m in a much happier place now with this current position. Read more

  • Baby Name Fox
    Fox My Funny Life Parenting

    What’s in a Name?

    We get asked quite a bit about the name Fox.

    Like really, hippie parents?  You named your son after a woodland critter.  Good luck with that future career path, Kiddo.

    Oh yeah, I know your judge-y thought process, old lady in the grocery store line.

    I get it.  I mean, we’ve all made a quick joke at Apple and North’s expense, but since I’ve joined the “Out-There, Celebrity Baby Name Club,” I’ve cooled my jets on criticizing anyone on his or her particular moniker choices.  Because names are… personal. Read more

  • Mama Yuck and her Little Sickling
    Fox My Funny Life

    Mama Yuck and Her Little Sickling

    This year’s cold and flu season has walloped our family.  My ass is officially kicked, and I’m waving the white flag to the Lords of Snot.  Please.  Stop with the snot.

    I joked with a coworker last night that after a fourth visit to the walk-in clinic we should receive a punch card. Five stamps and you get free blood work. Read more

  • Why Parents Suck at Hygge
    Family Life My Funny Life Parenting

    Why Parents Suck at Hygge

    Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the new Danish craze sweeping America – hygge. I can only imagine how many eye rolls have come out of the entire country of Denmark so far in 2017.

    Oh, America. As a nation whose interest is as fleeting as a trending hashtag on Twitter, we’ve also proven that we manage to take things to the umpteenth extreme, which means I can’t skim Pinterest or scroll through Facebook without an article about hygge accompanied by an iStock image of a lone candle and some slippers. Read more

  • The trouble with imaginary bed bugs
    My Funny Life Relationship

    The Trouble with Imaginary Bed Bugs

    I married the right man.  Know how I know?  Because of that one time I tore our house apart in search of bed bugs.

    My life.  It’s great.  And apparently filled with random and indiscriminate phobias.

    It all started around Memorial Day weekend this year.  We were taking a car trip to Ohio, and I was sitting those 8 hours in the backseat to keep Fox entertained.  I remember itching my knee a lot which wouldn’t normally be something people remember, but it bugged me.  Not to mention, I had on jeans so it drove me crazy that I couldn’t effectively scratch the source of annoyance. Read more

  • A Day in the Life of Mama Hen | The Hen in the Fox House
    Family Life My Funny Life Parenting

    A Day in the Life of This Mama Hen

    Woof.  I’m struggling with writer’s block lately.  ‘Tis the worst.

    So of course I turn to the one source of inspiration that has never let me down.  Pinterest.

    That’s a lie.  Pinterest has let me down numerous times.  Like the time I followed a cake recipe and literally added 2 pounds of powdered sugar to the frosting and made my entire extended family sick with diarrhea for days.  Pinterest, you suck actually, and you made me look like a real idiot who had no idea 2 pounds of powdered sugar was perhaps a bit much. Read more