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  • From Mama to Mom
    Fox Parenting

    When I Go From Mama to Mom

    There will be a day when I go from Mama to Mom.

    A day when my heart will break slightly, a tiny crack forming with one missing syllable.

    A day when he’ll put on his own socks.

    Find Chutes and Ladders childish.

    Push away when I stay too long with a hug. Read more

  • Baby Name Fox
    Fox My Funny Life Parenting

    What’s in a Name?

    We get asked quite a bit about the name Fox.

    Like really, hippie parents?  You named your son after a woodland critter.  Good luck with that future career path, Kiddo.

    Oh yeah, I know your judge-y thought process, old lady in the grocery store line.

    I get it.  I mean, we’ve all made a quick joke at Apple and North’s expense, but since I’ve joined the “Out-There, Celebrity Baby Name Club,” I’ve cooled my jets on criticizing anyone on his or her particular moniker choices.  Because names are… personal. Read more

  • Love Letter to My Son
    Fox Parenting

    A Love Letter to My Son

    Fox turned five at the end of August, and like any good, overworked mom, I’m a few days late (and a dollar short after the birthday gifts) in wishing him a proper birthday.  And by wishing him a “proper” birthday, I mean the only way us millennials know how – through some type of social media or Interwebz platform.  I did send him a text message with balloon emojis. Read more

  • Mama Yuck and her Little Sickling
    Fox My Funny Life

    Mama Yuck and Her Little Sickling

    This year’s cold and flu season has walloped our family.  My ass is officially kicked, and I’m waving the white flag to the Lords of Snot.  Please.  Stop with the snot.

    I joked with a coworker last night that after a fourth visit to the walk-in clinic we should receive a punch card. Five stamps and you get free blood work. Read more

  • Mom Guilt and the Muddy Puddles of Life
    Family Life Fox Parenting

    Mom Guilt and the Muddy Puddles of Life

    Fox is a model child.

    And before you want to deck me for being that parent who talks about her pre-shuz little bebe like he should win all the golden participation awards in the world, hear me out.

    He is a genuinely sweet little dude.  Strangers at the post office comment on how well-behaved he is.  His teachers laugh when I ask if he “was good” during the day.  He’s a rule-follower by nature. Read more

  • Anxiety in the spotlight of motherhood
    Anxiety Fox

    Anxiety in the Spotlight of Motherhood

    I have anxiety.  It’s something that has been a fundamental part of my genetic code since I was a child.  In fact, I’m not sure I’d be the same “Katie” if I didn’t have it as it’s been woven into my personality and pretty much general state of mind for as far back as I can remember. Read more