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April 2017

  • Why Parents Suck at Hygge
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    Why Parents Suck at Hygge

    Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the new Danish craze sweeping America – hygge. I can only imagine how many eye rolls have come out of the entire country of Denmark so far in 2017.

    Oh, America. As a nation whose interest is as fleeting as a trending hashtag on Twitter, we’ve also proven that we manage to take things to the umpteenth extreme, which means I can’t skim Pinterest or scroll through Facebook without an article about hygge accompanied by an iStock image of a lone candle and some slippers. Read more

  • Mom Guilt and the Muddy Puddles of Life
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    Mom Guilt and the Muddy Puddles of Life

    Fox is a model child.

    And before you want to deck me for being that parent who talks about her pre-shuz little bebe like he should win all the golden participation awards in the world, hear me out.

    He is a genuinely sweet little dude.  Strangers at the post office comment on how well-behaved he is.  His teachers laugh when I ask if he “was good” during the day.  He’s a rule-follower by nature. Read more

  • Anxiety in the spotlight of motherhood
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    Anxiety in the Spotlight of Motherhood

    I have anxiety.  It’s something that has been a fundamental part of my genetic code since I was a child.  In fact, I’m not sure I’d be the same “Katie” if I didn’t have it as it’s been woven into my personality and pretty much general state of mind for as far back as I can remember. Read more