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December 2016

  • A Day in the Life of Mama Hen | The Hen in the Fox House
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    A Day in the Life of This Mama Hen

    Woof.  I’m struggling with writer’s block lately.  ‘Tis the worst.

    So of course I turn to the one source of inspiration that has never let me down.  Pinterest.

    That’s a lie.  Pinterest has let me down numerous times.  Like the time I followed a cake recipe and literally added 2 pounds of powdered sugar to the frosting and made my entire extended family sick with diarrhea for days.  Pinterest, you suck actually, and you made me look like a real idiot who had no idea 2 pounds of powdered sugar was perhaps a bit much. Read more

  • 9-Year-Olds Diary
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    A 9-Year-Old’s Thoughts on Love Triangles and Summer Shorts

    You guys.  Sit down.  And maybe put on your piddle panties for this because there might be giggling.

    I’m over here reading 9-year-old Katie’s kid journal, and I’m laugh-cringing my way through a pre-pubescent’s (streaming) train of thought.  And because I’m the ultimate in over-sharing, you know I can’t resist embarrassing myself in the name of humor. Read more