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    What’s in a Name?

    Baby Name Fox

    We get asked quite a bit about the name Fox.

    Like really, hippie parents?  You named your son after a woodland critter.  Good luck with that future career path, Kiddo.

    Oh yeah, I know your judge-y thought process, old lady in the grocery store line.

    I get it.  I mean, we’ve all made a quick joke at Apple and North’s expense, but since I’ve joined the “Out-There, Celebrity Baby Name Club,” I’ve cooled my jets on criticizing anyone on his or her particular moniker choices.  Because names are… personal. Read more


    Best STEM Books for Children

    10 Best STEM Books for Children

    I have a STEM kid.  I know, I know.  It’s the total “buzz word” lately, but it’s pretty true for Fox.  He has little interest in learning to read (my English major heart is wincing in pain at that admission), but damn can that boy put together a puzzle in record time. Read more

    Fox Parenting

    A Love Letter to My Son

    Love Letter to My Son

    Fox turned five at the end of August, and like any good, overworked mom, I’m a few days late (and a dollar short after the birthday gifts) in wishing him a proper birthday.  And by wishing him a “proper” birthday, I mean the only way us millennials know how – through some type of social media or Interwebz platform.  I did send him a text message with balloon emojis. Read more

    Family Life

    The Art of Being Grandma

    My Grandma Chris passed away two weeks ago.

    She lived in Columbus, so last Tuesday I travelled to Ohio to attend her funeral. The grandkids were invited to share a few words at the service if we felt compelled.

    And because losing her feels like a gaping hole, I wanted desperately to say something, but felt like there’d be no way I could sum up how much she meant to me in a few words off the cuff. Read more


    10 Seconds

    car accident fate

    10 seconds. That’s how long it took me Tuesday morning to dig around my closet to find a pair of shoes I was considering wearing for the day. I decided they didn’t go with the outfit and threw them back.

    30 minutes later I was heading to work down one of those backcountry roads with a speed limit of 50 when a pick up truck didn’t see my smaller car and pulled out to cross the road. Read more